Friday, August 7, 2015

Craigslist Staircase Leads to Many Treasures

                            So I found an incredible Victorian staircase listed on Craigslist.

But with the recent Craigslist murder of a friend, of a friend, in Idaho I was EXTREMELY cautious of making any more purchases in that manner.   But really, how can one pass up such beauty when this is just what is needed?
I got brave, contacted the seller, and got specifics.  (A friend tore it out of their house and put in a new staircase.  They were just going to TRASH THIS!!!  Luckily the gentleman saw the beauty in it!)
  Then I asked around for someone interested in riding along to pick up the treasure, as I was positive I would NOT go alone.   A friend instantly agreed (thanks Ann) but she lives 2 hours away and it's not exactly convenient for either of us on short notice. And...this was 1 1/2 hours away in a different direction from her.  So I called the seller, told him my concerns due to recent happenings, and requested that we meet in a highly visible, public location or I would have to wait a couple days until I could get a buddy to ride along.  He was very understanding and instantly agreed to meet anywhere I chose, even suggested the police parking lot.  We agreed upon a big parking lot (we needed space) on the main highway through town.  So I was on my way, feeling pretty comfortable.
The meeting went well, the location was great and the product amazing!  Turns out there were 5 newel posts and 5 sections of railings...SCORE!!!  Then the gentlemen not only suggested the local antique store but he drove in front of me and showed me how to get there, then introduced me to the owner and went on his way.  Nice man. 
Built in 1939 as the US Post Office.  Ivan lives in the basement and has been slowly restoring the building for 15 years!  He gave me a couple architectural lessons concerning the construction of brick buildings...which I found interesting
and he cut me some deals! 

This HUGE screen door is from the old barber shop across the street from the Post Office.  Ivan wanted the striped barber shop pole but he had to buy the building to get it! (It's still there, in place.  But he put a storm door where the screen door used to be.)
I found a spoon carved drawer, purple glass, two antique glass sconce globes and a bunch of porcelain doorknobs!

Just down the block was the beautiful County Courthouse built in 1904 (I believe).  There were so many amazing architectural details on this building!  What a charming town.  I definitely need to go back and spend some serious time looking around!

 On my return home I decided I may as well hit more antique stores on the way since I had never really been in the area before.  In Mountain Lake I found another really, really fabulous shop.  Forgot to take pictures of it, but here is what I bought.


I could have spent HOURS in that store and brought home a whole truck load of goodies.  But I do intend to go back as Tammie said she has more architectural salvage for me, so I will get the chance to check it all out again!! 
When I was 10 miles from home filling up with gas, I checked my email as I had inquired about more salvage.  I had a message so I swung by to check out some doors I had seen. 
OH...MY...GOSH!!!! Talk about SpEcTaCuLar detail!!  So ornate and beautiful I just couldn't leave without agreeing to make them mine! 
(This photo does not do them justice...I will post better ones tomorrow when I go back to pick them truck was full! The seller also agreed to throw in all vintage hardware that he has in storage down across the road...can't wait to see what that will be!!)
When I called the seller he recognized my phone number as being from Idaho.  Turns out his son lived in the neighboring town from where I lived for 23 years, and...AND the son was actually my husband's boss in Idaho!!  Small world!
 was a good day!  Maybe even great!
Remember the staircase that started this whole journey?  It's very possible that the "extra" newel posts and railings that weren't initially in the photos that I saw, that I never intended to keep, will actually fit PeFecTly in our newly converted attic!!  Very possible, as you can see from the photo below...or maybe it's not so obvious ;)  
Anyway, I will have to sneak a spindle from one of the slanted rails to fill the hole where one is missing, and it won't be long enough because of the slanted cuts.  But...BUT...
there was this little piece of cut off spindle that Craig handed me as I got in my car.  "Oh," he said. "Here are some little pieces that go with it." 
Just enough to "fit" that patched up, borrowed spindle??? Hope so!  Guess you will have to check back to find out!
Keep pickin'

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