Saturday, June 7, 2014

Silicon Caulk is My Friend

I needed some new everyday flip flops.  I had just recently moved back to Minnesota from Idaho and had forgotten how professional sports can be so popular.  I went to TJ Maxx and found these sweet flip flops for a steal!
I was so excited about my purchase but my husband asked if they were giving them away at the store (he's a Dodger fan)  After putting them on and almost slipping several times I realized WHY they were so inexpensive.  Maybe they SHOULD have given them away.  They were so slippery but I wasn't ready to throw them away just yet.  My mind got thinking about how I could give the bottoms some grip. 
I remembered seeing silicon caulking used on the bottom of area rugs to make them slip resistance.  I had never tried it but since I have often joked that I should buy stock in caulking because I use it so much I was able to go down to my stash and find just the right kind.
This is a caulk that goes on white but dries clear...a perfect solution!  I no longer have to worry about slipping:)

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