Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thank You My Faithful Friends and Customers

I knew this day was coming, in fact, I have known for almost a year. 
 I have officially moved out of the building in Shoshone that, for nearly 2 years, has served as a place to sell my creations.
It was a chapter in my life that I will NOT soon forget.  It all came together in a matter of about
1 - 1/2 months!   It was people- Julia, Leslie, Bill and me, flying by the seat of our pants and hoping to make a difference in a small community where the town had seen better days.  It was a group of new friends seeing the potential of the town, the historic buildings and all the treasures of the past, once again bringing people together to enjoy shopping, coffee, dinner or a movie in the quaint atmosphere that is rapidly dwindling in Idaho's rural areas.  
Through this endeavor of owning a business and having a storefront I have learned many lessons and made many a friend.   For all of that I want to say thank you to my friends, Julia, Leslie, Bill, Shari, Darryl and Karen for supporting and helping me through this process.  And especially thank you to my husband Wayne for buying me a trailer so that I can go "picking" in comfort and style and for always believing in every crazy thing I choose to take on...mostly things involving power tools!
The plan/project/dream of revitalizing Shoshone will continue on with new friends, volunteers, consignors and vendors.  It takes time, patience and creativity to revitalize a community and  I can't wait to come back in 5 years to see how the plan has progressed.
So to my faithful customers...THANK YOU and please continue to "shop small" (in Shoshone and wherever you may be) and to value the rural areas near and far.  Just because something is old, dilapidated, broken, or run down does not mean it has no value or potential. 
So my friends...Keep Pickin' and there is always good in somethin' salvaged!
Oh...stay tuned for an update on my LAST CHANCE BLOWOUT SALE before the very small moving truck takes me to Minnesota:)

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