Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bead Board Love

I have a huge supply of bead board that I keep on hand at all times. 
 I have found that it is such an easy way to  add style and class to broken down, discarded objects.  Here are a few of my projects in which I have used bead board.

                                           JEWELRY DISPLAYS AND COAT RACKS



                                                                     TABLE TOPS


Keep on Pickin'

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Silicon Caulk is My Friend

I needed some new everyday flip flops.  I had just recently moved back to Minnesota from Idaho and had forgotten how professional sports can be so popular.  I went to TJ Maxx and found these sweet flip flops for a steal!
I was so excited about my purchase but my husband asked if they were giving them away at the store (he's a Dodger fan)  After putting them on and almost slipping several times I realized WHY they were so inexpensive.  Maybe they SHOULD have given them away.  They were so slippery but I wasn't ready to throw them away just yet.  My mind got thinking about how I could give the bottoms some grip. 
I remembered seeing silicon caulking used on the bottom of area rugs to make them slip resistance.  I had never tried it but since I have often joked that I should buy stock in caulking because I use it so much I was able to go down to my stash and find just the right kind.
This is a caulk that goes on white but dries clear...a perfect solution!  I no longer have to worry about slipping:)

New Use For Pool Noodles

Since we finally sold our house and moved to a new state I haven't had much time to build or create.  Mostly it's a space issue since I don't have a garage or workshop.  But I did come up with some good tips that I thought I would share.

While packing to move I needed something to protect all my fragile antique frames and framed photographs.  I went to the store and found thick heavy foam corners for protection.  I thought they were a bit spendy, $8 for one set, and I had some oval frames for which they would be useless.  So I came up with my own plan.

I tried to think of how I could make my own and save money.  I had seen dollar store pool noodles used for various things in the past and thought they seemed like the perfect idea.   So I went to the store and bought $8 dollars worth, which would go much farther than the 4 little corners I had previously bought.

I cut a slit down the middle and just tucked them over the edges of the frames.

I was even able to wrap them around my oval frames and tape them in place...wish I had taken a photo. Then I packed them in boxes in a vertical position.  This also allowed me to use them as spacers around fragile art I had created.

In the end I bought more than 20 pool noodles and used them all in my move.  They were perfect protectors and spacers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Here are some photos (taken last year) of our new "old" house, although it really isn't all that old.  It was built in 1944 and is a cute, little, modest home with LOTS of potential.  I have to say the best thing about this house is the property and location, but I will write more on that later. 

We were told the barn was built in the 1880's (I wonder what the original home looked like) and that there is writing inside somewhere that tells the amount of bushels of individual crops harvested by year!  Can't wait to find that!

The chicken coop will house the goats, and future horses!
The corn crib is located at the back of the property near the well and power pole so we are looking into converting it into a woodworking shop for me.
That about sums up the exterior "BEFORE" photos of this project.  Stay tuned to watch the transformation of each :)    So far we have removed some fencing, built some temporary fences, raked MOUNTAINS of acorns and leaves, and mapped out a plan for picket fencing, goat pens, and an old fashioned front porch!
Happy Pickin'


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thank You My Faithful Friends and Customers

I knew this day was coming, in fact, I have known for almost a year. 
 I have officially moved out of the building in Shoshone that, for nearly 2 years, has served as a place to sell my creations.
It was a chapter in my life that I will NOT soon forget.  It all came together in a matter of about
1 - 1/2 months!   It was people- Julia, Leslie, Bill and me, flying by the seat of our pants and hoping to make a difference in a small community where the town had seen better days.  It was a group of new friends seeing the potential of the town, the historic buildings and all the treasures of the past, once again bringing people together to enjoy shopping, coffee, dinner or a movie in the quaint atmosphere that is rapidly dwindling in Idaho's rural areas.  
Through this endeavor of owning a business and having a storefront I have learned many lessons and made many a friend.   For all of that I want to say thank you to my friends, Julia, Leslie, Bill, Shari, Darryl and Karen for supporting and helping me through this process.  And especially thank you to my husband Wayne for buying me a trailer so that I can go "picking" in comfort and style and for always believing in every crazy thing I choose to take on...mostly things involving power tools!
The plan/project/dream of revitalizing Shoshone will continue on with new friends, volunteers, consignors and vendors.  It takes time, patience and creativity to revitalize a community and  I can't wait to come back in 5 years to see how the plan has progressed.
So to my faithful customers...THANK YOU and please continue to "shop small" (in Shoshone and wherever you may be) and to value the rural areas near and far.  Just because something is old, dilapidated, broken, or run down does not mean it has no value or potential. 
So my friends...Keep Pickin' and there is always good in somethin' salvaged!
Oh...stay tuned for an update on my LAST CHANCE BLOWOUT SALE before the very small moving truck takes me to Minnesota:)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Moving to Minnesota SALE!

(I am finally)

Moving to Minnesota


(and I can’t take it with me)

20%-50% OFF

 ALL of my items marked SS or KA (which is HALF of the store)


Friday, Jan. 17th  10am-6pm

Saturday, Jan. 18th  10am-6pm

I will be OUT OF THE STORE in a matter of DAYS after the sale so bring a truck and trailer because it all has to go!


All items are ONE-OF-A-KIND and feature:


Up-cycled, repurposed and ANTIQUE furniture-beds, nightstands, dressers, wardrobe, tables, chairs, hutch, benches, hall tree, shelves, coat racks, desks, area rugs, lamps, trunks, couch, side chairs, ottomans, mirrors, baby cradle coffee table, baby buggy sofa table, wall decor etc…


Architectural salvage- old doors, windows, screen, cabinet doors, tin ceiling tiles, hardware, chippy corbels, clawfeet and chandeliers etc…


Gifts-holiday signs, banners, typewriter key jewelry, jewelry holders, chalkboards, message boards, magnet boards, candleholders, sconces, bookends, coasters, pet beds and elevated dishes etc…


Located at    115  S. Greenwood Street, Shoshone      (On Hwy 93 just south of the RR tracks)

Stay tuned for photos...