Sunday, September 1, 2013

Medieval Headboard

I found these fantastic sconces on eBay and decided it was time to make another headboard! 
I loved the knight in armor on them and I figured I could make a rustic looking, weathered headboard from some old doors.  I had two 3 panel doors that were matching, and the top panel was just the right size for the sconces! The doors were bright white with turquoise under the white.  I went ahead and sanded the doors a bit, revealing some of the turquoise here and there, then I rubbed them down with dark stain.
I actually flipped the doors upside down so that the doorknob back plates would be visible above any future pillows that may be stacked against the headboard. Originally I had intended on using 3 doors, and even had started painting the bigger, middle door a turquoise color when it occurred to me that I had a wooden gate!  SCORE!!   

Just the right thing to give the feel of a castle!  

Next I took 2 antique corbels and a weathered piece of lumber and made a shelf.  The whole headboard comes apart in sections.  The shelf pops off the top, as does each corbel, then the pins from the hinges pop out so each section can be moved individually.  Thank you to my husband Wayne for doing the electrical work, and making the hinges fit just right:)

(This is staged in the store where there isn't room for a mattress, and there aren't any medieval pillows, but I think you get the idea!)
Keep pickin'

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