Monday, April 1, 2013

Our First Major Remodel --131 7th Ave West


At least that's what our friends thought (maybe still think) when we asked them their opinion on this house and property.  But the TREES (over 100), BARN and the canal with a waterfall behind the house reminded us of the Midwest where we grew up, and in this desert it was very appealing to us.  We just HAD to save this property.

It was about a 5 year process, but well worth it.

We bought this place, tore the roof off (and it rained that weekend of course) gutted it, added a second story and a 50 foot wrap around porch as well as a flagstone patio and sand beach with fire pit out back. 


back  BEFORE

back  DURING
back AFTER

We hired out the rebuilding of the rock retaining walls.

This was one of my favorite projects.  It was just like a giant jigsaw puzzle that also tested your strength and endurance!  But it is also when my serious back pain started to kick in.  I wonder why?  Could it have been due to digging out the soil by hand and moving it one wheelbarrow at a time to the uneven ground in front of the barn, then wheeling in sand?  THEN moving 11 TON of flagstone to just the right spot...translation...moving each stone at least 3 times! 



The barn was painted 4 different colors when we bought it- red, white, gold and the back had some green on the shop section.






In conclusion...this is the truck and the dog that made over 100 trips to the dump, and that was after an auction and 4 dump trucks cleaned it up before we even bought it!
Happy Pickin'

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