Sunday, February 17, 2013


I just realized I have not finished posting before and after photos of the whole house. Here are the bathrooms.
Master bath BEFORE

Master bath AFTER  There is now a crystal chandelier above the tub.

Custom cabinets that I designed.

Monogrammed shower door from the 1950's remodel.  The "M" door is now in the home of a great grandson:)
Upstairs bathroom BEFORE

In 2008 Upon completion of the demo phase and with the new layout of the room, we realized we would not have enough fir flooring left over to refloor the room.   After searching for weeks we luckily discovered a huge door in the basement was made from flooring.  The turquoise green boards are from that door and became the inspiration for the wall color.  Sadly I had to sand the whole floor to make the boards more level and lost a lot of the color, but I am still happy with the finished product:)


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