Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Creations

As I am gearing up for the holiday season I finally found a project I liked enough to break out my STASH of mattress springs salvaged from a mattress box spring Julia and I drug home from the dump!

Made from vintage jewelry such as a pocket watch, earrings and necklaces.

Made from vintage buttons and an angel brooch.

At the store we have STACKS of weathered pickets from the Oxarango Sheep Ranch in Rupert.  Here is my first creation from our abundant supply.


More projects for the holidays.
Made from a salvaged newel post and couch pediments.

                                     Just a few banners I whipped up for the Christmas season.

I actually made these about 10 years ago from old corn cobs.  They have held up pretty well sitting in their box for all those years.

And lastly, here's a way to reuse those orphan drawers and get yourself organized:)

Keep on Pickin'