Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another play kitchen:)

So, I am not much of a cook and don't spend too much time in the kitchen so I find it kind of funny that I have been making play kitchens for kids!   Maybe if I had one when I was little I would like cooking now?
 But some youngster is going to be very happy:)

I am not sure of the purpose of the boxes on the top of this unit, but I pulled them off, shaved a little off each side and hung them on the inside of the shelf.  Perhaps a place to put spices...or you know...other kitchen kind of thingies.

Kitchen comes with a real faucet and stainless steel sink...a.k.a... a dog dish.  

I finally found a use for all those CD's I bought intending to burn some music and jam out while spinning!  LOL!

On to another adventure...headed out to pick 3 barns on Tuesday.  Can't wait to see what treasures will reveal themselves to me:)

Until then...
Pick on!


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