Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs

Lately I have been creating things out of chairs.  Ever since I raided a burn pile a couple of weeks ago I can't help but think of ways to reuse those broken chair parts.  I know it seems odd to have such a love for them, but it just seemed like a crime to even imagine that those 100 year old parts were soon to be ashes. 

Oh the stories those chairs could probably tell!  I feel so connected to history each time I save something from it's certain death.  I can just see a family at the turn of the century sitting down together for supper discussing the events of the day.   I wonder what the people would think if they could see the chairs now?


This bench is actually something I literally dreamed up.  I woke up one morning with the idea of using the newel posts that I have accumulating in my basement.  It's not exactly like I's better!
Keep Pickin'

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