Saturday, June 9, 2012

Picker Paradise:)

Woo Hoo! Somethin' Salvaged now has old house parts...YAY!!! I have been busy the last 2 weeks running around gathering up old doors and windows. I spent 4 hours with Julia in a 100 year old warehouse in Jerome stripping it of all doors and windows. We filled up the back of my truck and may even go back for more! Oh look...Julia with her hands on the ONE piece in the whole 10,000sq ft building that had WHEELS! I swear she can sniff them out:)

Here is my favorite from that pick...a 4 panel door probably from the 1800's with a RIMLOCK!!! Pretty cool for a city that is barely a 100 years old.

Then I got a call from a man that answered my Craigslist ad about wanting historic doors and windows. When we arrived at his house the told us he had over 400 rabbits in cages, and chickens and numerous other critters running loose. Things were laying all around and as we made our way to the doors at the back of the property. I was drooling and asking if we could stop and talk about some other things that caught my eye. I got a full tour, and found a few other treasures among the bunnies:)

Here is a gem!

I have since been told it is a cobblers bench with mortise and tendon joinery. Just pegs holding it together and not nails! It has a deep grove near the edge where the drawer is and the tool you use to work on shoes would slide into that groove. It did NOT however look like this when I bought it...sorry forgot to take a photo...but it was painted brown and covered in bird droppings. The drawer was broken and full of straw. I cleaned it up, fixed the drawer, scraped off the peeling paint then dry brushed red paint over what was left of the brown paint. It actually had red spots of paint on the top so I think it is back to it's original color. I sanded the top just enough to clean it off, but left it rough. I am in the process of getting a piece of glass to put on the top so it can really be used as a desk, but still allow everyone to see the unique top.

In addition to all the doors I picked up this week, I received a call about the Jerome Legion Hall that was build around 1941. Seems they were putting in new windows and planned to TRASH the old ones!!! Luckily Gloria called and I was able to dash down and make a donation in exchange for these beauties:)

Some of our other window inventory includes the windows that my friend Karen donated to me. They are from the Jerome Methodist Church's Parsonage...or Rectory???? Where the minister lived. I am still trying to track down the history of the building. I am guessing it was built somewhere around 1915 as the windows are very similiar to the ones in my 1916 home. The building no longer stands.

If you are in need of doors, windows and house parts come on down and check these out:)

Keep Pickin'

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