Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The PINK Room:

This spacious room was surrounded on 3 sides by glass!  Added on in the early 50's it sported a full wall of glass doors and two complete walls of windows. this home that meant 3 walls of ceiling to floor, wall to wall drapes.  And iridescent PINK at that!

I was told by a friend that was a seamstress and drapery maker, that in their day the drapes in this house were probably worth $10,000!  Pink is NOT  my color and they had some stains but I did find them a new home on ebay.  Someone out there is hopefully really enjoying them. 

 Oddly this room was only accessible by going through the closet/master bath, the HUGE sitting room and THEN you entered this room in the corner, under the light of an outdoor flood light!  No chandelier as one would expect from such a surrounding of magnificent drapes. It was hard to understand why this would be designed in such a way.  Little did we know we were soon to find out!

These rooms served more as a private wing for the lady of the house and this was added after the blue master bedroom and master bath.  The logical passage way was from one to the next because it was meant to be private. 

But the REAL reason I think it was built this way is because the original 1916 part of this house is made of poured concrete.  And let's just say we found ALL the original outside walls, because they were EXACTLY  where I planned new doorways!!  Yep...we had to chisel out 3 doorways in our restoration process. You can see in the photo below where we made an opening for the door and a hallway leading to the laundry/workout room.  It took ALL day to cut the hole and there was an awful lot of concrete to haul out to the dumpster.  This is also where I found evidence of a roof to a porch, though I am not sure where the door would have been.

Here is the room now!

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  1. Hi there, Kelly! That shimmering drapes made the room look dignified and classy! And I believe the room does not need to have a chandelier because the light can bounce on those beautiful drapes. Well, i think it's really made for the lady of the house, as you said it was. :-)

    Roxie Tenner