Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coffe tables, end tables, and night stands

Here are some items that I made using coffee tables, end tables and night stands.  Enjoy!

Keep pickin'
Just cut the holes and shortened the legs

This was the top of a double decker end table.
I just added a back and pillow.

Bathroom stall door screwed to a coffee table.
Barn door screwed to a coffee table.
Just added trim detail.
Framed picture screwed to table with plexiglass top.
Top of double decker end table.
Looking at the tall black shelf you can see the bottom half of a night stand as the base.  I removed the top of the stand and made the tray in the above photo.  After removing the doors I used the bottom half as the base (white scrap booking drawers fit perfectly) and put an old cabinet on top.

Night stand base.  Removed doors, added feet and wood applique.

Coffee table placed on a wood platform.  Staircase handrail arms.

Coffee table placed on wood platform.  Bed foot board as arms.

Night stand base.  Just removed the doors.


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