Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Old House... in ...This Old House magazine!

I would like start this blog with a thank you to all my friends and family that took the time to rate my projects on the This Old House website.   I entered 4 categories and was contacted on 3 of the 4.  While I have not been chosen for any monetary prizes...dang it...there was great interest.   So much so that even though I did not win anything, there will be a FULL PAGE feature in an upcoming issue of This Old House magazine!!!  The feature is called Budget Redo and it will outline the transformation of the upstairs craft room/office from beginning to end with a break down of the cost.  I am told there will be a larger layout and more info on the website after the magazine is released. 

The following are some of the projects I submitted and the editors were interested in, but will not be featured at this time. 

Wish I had staged this bed with a cute little dog before I sold it.

Thank you Ranae for dropping everything and posing Eli...ADORABLE!

Our 100 year old piano, what's left of it!

Look familiar?  They liked the use of the original tap.

The following are MY favorite shots but I am not sure yet what will be chosen for the magazine besides this BEFORE photo.

#1 choice

#2 choice

Since a photographer was not available to travel this far, I had to take the shots and send them to NYC.  In all the excitement I called my friend Bev Kump and she rushed right over!  She did some quick sewing of the pillows, saving me HOURS,and helped with some of the staging.  Thank you sooooo much Bev.  What a great friend.   Thank you Diana Somerset for taking the close-up of Wayne and me, again on short notice, and  very much appreciated!  You are a good friend. 

Keep Pickin'
UPDATE...The article should be in the July issue of This Old House!  Will let you all know when the issue is in stores:)

Here is the link for the online version

I recently discovered that more of my projects have also been featured on line.  Check out # 7, 10 and 12:)

UPDATE 12-16-11
                                                                    more photos posted

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