Sunday, November 11, 2012


It has been a week of dressers.  I have had these stacked in my garage all summer and finally got a chance to work on them.  With all the cool ideas running around on Pinterest I had some deciding to do. 
One of several dressers I had which was missing a drawer.
This dresser was one that I was alerted about. (Sorry no before photo)  It was just sitting in a dumpster waiting for a home.  It was falling apart and missing 2 drawers but I knew it had potential. 

Since this dresser/TV stand sold in about an HOUR I decided to stick with the color and stencil pattern for a couple more pieces.
1950's desk and dresser to match

Another dresser with a broken drawer.


Lastly, my new FaVOriTe, an 1880's  Eastlake Victorian beauty, came to me in at least 15 pieces.   All the drawers had fallen apart and it had NO hardware. Not to mention...the top was missing and originally was probably a marble top. There goes my budget, even if I did get it for $15!  

It was quite a large project for me to take on. Normally I don't take time to restore furniture because it takes more time, energy, and $$$$$.   But THIS one was going to be worth it I just knew.
 Most of the wood was in good condition, it had wooden key escutcheons for keys and the drawers had lovely scallop edging.
I was able to reassemble it, strip it and refinish it without much problem.  I bought the hardware on ebay and though it isn't an exact match (I saw the outline of the original hardware which indicated it had a diamond backplate and loop handle) it looks great.!

Since my budget did not allow for real marble, I went ahead and FAUX painted a piece of plywood.  I must admit I am happy with the results and have decided to keep it for myself:)

Good Pickin'


  1. Beautiful! I adore the stenciled ones with missing/broken drawers. They turned out so pretty!

    1. Thank you Tasha. They are some of my favorites as well:)