Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another play kitchen:)

So, I am not much of a cook and don't spend too much time in the kitchen so I find it kind of funny that I have been making play kitchens for kids!   Maybe if I had one when I was little I would like cooking now?
 But some youngster is going to be very happy:)

I am not sure of the purpose of the boxes on the top of this unit, but I pulled them off, shaved a little off each side and hung them on the inside of the shelf.  Perhaps a place to put spices...or you know...other kitchen kind of thingies.

Kitchen comes with a real faucet and stainless steel sink...a.k.a... a dog dish.  

I finally found a use for all those CD's I bought intending to burn some music and jam out while spinning!  LOL!

On to another adventure...headed out to pick 3 barns on Tuesday.  Can't wait to see what treasures will reveal themselves to me:)

Until then...
Pick on!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Creations

As I am gearing up for the holiday season I finally found a project I liked enough to break out my STASH of mattress springs salvaged from a mattress box spring Julia and I drug home from the dump!

Made from vintage jewelry such as a pocket watch, earrings and necklaces.

Made from vintage buttons and an angel brooch.

At the store we have STACKS of weathered pickets from the Oxarango Sheep Ranch in Rupert.  Here is my first creation from our abundant supply.


More projects for the holidays.
Made from a salvaged newel post and couch pediments.

                                     Just a few banners I whipped up for the Christmas season.

I actually made these about 10 years ago from old corn cobs.  They have held up pretty well sitting in their box for all those years.

And lastly, here's a way to reuse those orphan drawers and get yourself organized:)

Keep on Pickin'


It has been a week of dressers.  I have had these stacked in my garage all summer and finally got a chance to work on them.  With all the cool ideas running around on Pinterest I had some deciding to do. 
One of several dressers I had which was missing a drawer.
This dresser was one that I was alerted about. (Sorry no before photo)  It was just sitting in a dumpster waiting for a home.  It was falling apart and missing 2 drawers but I knew it had potential. 

Since this dresser/TV stand sold in about an HOUR I decided to stick with the color and stencil pattern for a couple more pieces.
1950's desk and dresser to match

Another dresser with a broken drawer.


Lastly, my new FaVOriTe, an 1880's  Eastlake Victorian beauty, came to me in at least 15 pieces.   All the drawers had fallen apart and it had NO hardware. Not to mention...the top was missing and originally was probably a marble top. There goes my budget, even if I did get it for $15!  

It was quite a large project for me to take on. Normally I don't take time to restore furniture because it takes more time, energy, and $$$$$.   But THIS one was going to be worth it I just knew.
 Most of the wood was in good condition, it had wooden key escutcheons for keys and the drawers had lovely scallop edging.
I was able to reassemble it, strip it and refinish it without much problem.  I bought the hardware on ebay and though it isn't an exact match (I saw the outline of the original hardware which indicated it had a diamond backplate and loop handle) it looks great.!

Since my budget did not allow for real marble, I went ahead and FAUX painted a piece of plywood.  I must admit I am happy with the results and have decided to keep it for myself:)

Good Pickin'

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs

Lately I have been creating things out of chairs.  Ever since I raided a burn pile a couple of weeks ago I can't help but think of ways to reuse those broken chair parts.  I know it seems odd to have such a love for them, but it just seemed like a crime to even imagine that those 100 year old parts were soon to be ashes. 

Oh the stories those chairs could probably tell!  I feel so connected to history each time I save something from it's certain death.  I can just see a family at the turn of the century sitting down together for supper discussing the events of the day.   I wonder what the people would think if they could see the chairs now?


This bench is actually something I literally dreamed up.  I woke up one morning with the idea of using the newel posts that I have accumulating in my basement.  It's not exactly like I's better!
Keep Pickin'

Friday, September 21, 2012


In order to make room for NEW inventory...

We are having a Buy One Get One FREE sale Saturday September 22, and Sunday September 23rd on SINGLE PANE WINDOWS:)

Come on in and get some windows for your next project.

Check us out on PINTEREST for ideas on what to do with the windows.  I would love to make so many of those ideas, but my favorites seem to be the more personalized ideas which are not ideal to sell in a store.
Hope to see you this weekend:)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This morning I found this really neat idea on Pinterest and decided to make it quick before my husband got home from work.  It was super simple and it got me thinking...I should post all the projects I have made that were specifically inspired by Pinterest.  Sometimes I see something and decide to tweak it a bit or put another spin on it.  But this board to hold numbers from races was a quick little project with not much change required.

Check back often because I will probably keep adding photos at the end of this post rather than making a new post each time.


Magnet/chalkboard, lampshade, dresser knobs