Friday, December 9, 2011

Habitat For Humanity ReStore Projects

So mid November after my craft sale, I was hitting the thrift stores looking for more junk to transform when I had the thought to go to the Habitat For Humanity's ReStore.  I hadn't been there lately and it is one of the places I usually find something I can use.  I walked in like I owned the place and the lady said, "I'm sorry we are closed today."  To which I replied, "Isn't today Wednesday?"  "No, it's Tuesday."  Me-"Oh man, I quit my job and I never know what day it is...sorry."  

Well Julia was sweet and told me to go ahead and shop.  I spent time wandering and had a hand full of items ready to pay.  It occurred to me that my house restoration was done and I had some time on my hands so I asked if she had a need of volunteers.  She replied that she needed cashiers.  I kindly said...." me tell you what I have in mind!"  I proceeded to tell her how I repurpose items that most people deem as useless, or junk, and that I would love to transform items from the store and display them so that others would be inspired to get creative as well.   This post is dedicated to the things I have created thus far.  I hope it will inspire you to see objects in new ways, to be creative and reuse the things that would otherwise end up in a junk pile or dump.  Enjoy, and GET PICKIN!

Pediment.  Distressed and added hooks.

Cute sink planter!

Glass shades with glass candle stopper glued to the bottom.

Sconce turned TP holder


For Sale at the ReStore


For Sale at the ReStore $150 
made from a 3 door upper cabinet and topped with scrap furniture also used as the back board.


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