Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2005- Hawaii Room

It's interesting to look back and see how my tastes change.  This is from 2005 when we were into Hawaii (3 trips in 4 years) and I was into "themed" rooms.  Back before vinyl lettering, I stenciled Hawaiian words and phrases above all the doors and windows.  Aloha, Mahalo, Ohana. 
 Ma ka hana ka 'ike...In working, one learns.

I even ordered bark cloth and sewed my own bedspread and ottoman.

 I covered my headboard with bamboo place mats, and the nightstands my husband made with bamboo table runners.    I cut holes in the shelves and put the ferns and birds of paradise "in" them.

This Family Tree was my poor attempt at making a Banyan Tree.   The Banyan tree has vines that re root in the ground and make another trunk.  I made it from spray insulation foam so it was 3 dimensional.  Then I put artificial leaves on it.  It seems like so long ago, but that was probably when I began my love of repurposing items.  It's like an addiction, and now I can't stop.

Stay tuned for more blasts from the past.

Keep Pickin'

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