Sunday, November 13, 2011

GREAT SUCCESS!!! Craft Fair 11-11-11

What a wonderful weekend I had!!  I just spent 2 weeks scrambling and creating, getting ready for my first ever Craft Sale in my home.  It was a great success due to the awesome vendors (talented friends) that agreed to bring their creations to the house and sell them over the weekend.   The house was packed nearly NON STOP and many mentioned that this was a better showing than the 36th(?) annual CSI Craft Fair with a hundred vendors...and that our prices were very reasonable.  THANK YOU...what a wonderful compliment:)

As you can see from the above photos, my friends are mainly sewing experts and quilters.  Something that is very foreign to me, but its a complimentary talent when assembling a craft show around my mostly wooden creations.  The house was so jam packed with fabric items that my walls and furniture were COVERED!  By the end of the first day of the show about half of the sewn treasures had been purchased however many of my large pieces were still in place.  After spending a few minutes in the evening visualizing my items being purchased and headed out the door and down the road, I was ready for day two.  Now I don't know if it was my visualizing, or the fact that there was less to choose from, but my bigger items did finally make their way out the door and to a new home!  Which made me very happy.  So thank you to all that came out and supported us, and hopefully we will see you next year!
Here is a sample of some the coat racks, towel racks, wine racks, key racks, pot racks and just general storage items I made for the weekend.  I dug around in my storage shed and pulled out all the bead board and barn wood (well...actually it was wood from a demolished outhouse!) and got my brain creating!  As you can see, I throw NOTHING away.   You just never know when you might need it:)
Notice the bead board door with hinges making a cap, and wooden wheel "hooks"

Another bead board door with hinged cap designed to hold towels and any other bathroom item you can tuck into the bins
Speaking of beadboard, these tables are made from 2 bathroom stall doors that I found in my stash!

Bead board doors already hinged.  Decked out with rusty metal I found in the shed.  I think the metal piece has something to do with sifting crops because there is a whole stack of it laying around.

Due to the aquisition of SEVERAL typewriters and adding machines, I have started making personalized, or monogramed jewelry.  Call me if you would like me to make some Christmas gifts for you:) 

Chair leg spindle candle stick holder
 Here are some of my FAVORITE items that SOLD this year:
A dog bed bought by a little girl with a new puppy!  Made from chair legs and an upside down wood piece designed to be a mantel clock.  I purposely left the middle bare so whoever bought it could monogram it!  Minnie will be nice and comfy:)

I saw something similar to this made with a hanger for a bird feeder.  I have personally used it as a flower vase with water and flower buds in each hole.  It could be a candy dish as well as decorated for each season.

I painted a tray red then added antique couch pediments, a tin bin and art deco shell shaped soap dishes.  A perfect sunglasses and key holder.

Another tray with couch pediments to jazz it up!
Cork board couch glad I have an ample supply of pediments because I have more ideas on how to use them:)

I was hoping to keep this chandelier candle holder but someone from California stopped by today and bought it!  I have mixed emotions on that!



The BEST part of the whole weekend was being able to pass on a family heirloom...hee a great grandson!!  I had hung the monogramed shower door of the previous owners on the wall and was trying to find a  Marshall family member to give it to.  Becky and Ben showed up and now it is in the right hands, to be passed on for generations!  How cool would it be to say "I have my great grandpa's monogramed shower door!" 
  Enjoy it BEN!


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