Friday, June 24, 2011

Double Decker Bookcase

As my home restoration is coming to the end very soon, I have been itching to make something new!  I have had a vision of a bookcase that I wanted to build in our library.  Last summer I bought a very basic oak bookcase at a yard sale.  It was about the right height and had plenty of shelf space.  It had the back duct taped on and the price was $35!  That worked for me.  It was very solid and I knew it had the basic bones I was looking for.  So all I needed was a base to put under it.  I initially thought of a 1930-40's buffet, the kind with long legs and doors on each side.  The plan was to cut off the legs and put the bookcase on top then dress it up with antique trim.

After searching for a year and not finding any deals I spent a weekend cleaning out the garage. Now I know why I couldn't find a deal was already in my possession! About 7 years ago I paid $6 for the bottom half of a hutch. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I thought it would work.
Oak case in back, minus the back piece.  Burgundy base in front.

I put new beadboard panel on the back of each piece and added antique door trim and plinth blocks from George's Salvage in Salt Lake City.  I wanted to use another large block in the middle but it was too tall for the ceiling.  The backs are painted with the blue paint we used on the front door and antique white as a top coat.  I sanded edges and distressed the trim, so the base has burgundy showing through,  and the trim has the 1950's green peeking out.  It's not quite what my vision was, but it works.

The libary itself is not yet finished, and not all my books are unpacked, but I LOVE IT!!   

     Keep pickin'

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