Thursday, April 28, 2011

Desk Organizers and Other uses for glass INSULATORS

In preparation for the TOH photo shoot I was prompted to create a couple more items to include in the photos.  Since it will be called an office I thought I should have some desk organizers that have been made from salvaged items. 
The first idea I had was to use a glass globe from a chandelier.  We found this one in the attic and think it is from the original 1916 chandelier.  I glued a plastic lid to the bottom and now it holds my scissors.  These glass globes can be found in thrift stores for just a couple dollars or check online for antiques.

The next item I made is just a couple glass insulators turned upside down and placed in a cute little holder that came from a soap/lotion gift set that I recieved on my birthday.  I have also discovered that SOME insulators will stand on their own and can be used in the same manner, but individually.   Don't pay too much for an insulator, they can be found for $2-$6 depending on the size.  They are a very common antique, although some more unique and RARE insulators can sell for hundreds of dollars or even a thousand on ebay.  I found this out when I was given a box of 12 from a friend.  She got them at auction for $2 total and I set out searching for ways to use them.  I have also inherited a box of 24 from the museum and checked them all out on ebay...ALL very common and NOT worth big bucks so they will become some piece of art or organizer. 

Here are a couple of more ideas for glass insulators.  

Crackled by boiling and placing in cool water.
Candle holder
Candle holder

Keep Pickin'

UPDATED 12-4-11 with more ideas:)

Electric lamp turned night light.
Bookend nightlight...battery votive underneath!

Night Light

Glass chandelier shades glued to glass candle lids.


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  2. Thank you! Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I am in the process of moving...UGH!!!